Absolute Advantage Financial Solutions

                                            ABOUT US

Absolute Advantage Financial Solutions is a mortgage broking company with a strong focus on our clients' needs. 

Before you say, "Blah, blah, blah", let's be honest with you. We started like any other business with a focus on doing business and succeeding in what we were doing. 

It turned out that the field we had ventured into had the steepest learning curve for small individual start up companies. 

People want the comfort of well established and widely known brands when they are buying the most expensive item they will ever buy. Consequently, in our first year, we saw mostly people who were not having much success with those companies. 

What that means is that their needs and circumstances did not fit neatly in the 'tick a box' mould.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Of necessity, we developed a "problem solving" mindset. So you will never hear "No", "It cannot be done" or "We cannot help you" from us. What you will hear is ? If you do A, B, and C, we will be able to move ahead? In order to do so, you may need to save a bit more, get past the employment probation period, reduce credit card balances, for example and we get back together in two, three months or whatever time frame you need to accomplish these goals. We also outline a plan and strategies to accomplish these in a timely and efficient manner. So, we are now part of your team working together with you to get to your ultimate goal.

Yes, we do address all the other common requirements that home buyers are most concerned about. We will do loan and mortgage comparisons for you so that you can make an informed decision. We will answer your questions such as? How much can I borrow??  We have access to a range of mortgage calculators, such as home loan repayment calculators, interest rate calculators, offset facility calculators, comparison of home loan lenders offerings? We will even do a Cost analysis assessment for you, for an accurate budget.

Property Solutions: We provide an integrated service that includes a number of relevant professionals, our alliance partners to facilitate property purchase from sourcing a property through to settlement and tenanting of the property if for investment. Absolute Advantage Financial Solutions, through strategic alliances such as accounting, legal, property management, quantity surveying for tax compliant depreciation schedules, and property inspections, will put you in touch with companies who are in a position to offer discounted rates for these services.  Where we derive a financial benefit as part of the referral process, you will be notified in writing when we refer you to the relevant professional. The decision to contact them or not is completely yours. You also need to do your own due diligence to satisfy yourself that your stated needs are adequately addressed.

Tell us your loan or property preferences/questions by choosing Your Needs above or email [email protected]

We may not be able to proceed immediately but we will provide you with  a frank and honest assessment and commit to assisting you until your goal is realised if you choose to work with us.

Email Graeme Freer [email protected]  for due diligence conducted by our service provider, Freer Property and Finance is a firm of property specialists that have been providing property investment services for 3 years with access to property and property services throughout Australasia .

Click on the Pre-approval link above left for an indication of borrowing capacity and once we come back to you with a recommended lender and/or you have identified a suitable property we can arrange a finance approval.  

Importantly, Absolute Advantage Financial Solutions can arrange finance for any type of property throughout Australasia.

Find out more by phoning Bulelwa Freer on +61-2- 99732367 or emailing [email protected]